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  1. More compliments to you Harper’s Dad, you are an excellent movie reviewer too! I have rarely read a more in depth and entertaining movie review than this one you just posted for the latest Wolverine movie. One thing I am so happy about in this new digital age is that folks with talent like you are no longer hidden or repressed just because you didn’t get a lucky break or sleep with the casting director to be discovered. Phoenix is missing a bet if they don’t hire you as a local reporter to do feature stories or movie reviews. You are good! No wonder Harper smiles every time she sees you.

    • Do you know any casting directors? It’s never too late to start sleeping my way to the top. (I’m pretty sure that’s not actually true. It is WAY too late…. but I like the fantasy.)

      • Oh to the contrary, I believe it is more often true than not. I’ve read a lot of celebrity movie biographies and the “sleeping to get ahead” seems to be a significant factor in many a movie actor or actress’s career. I never used to believe that, thinking all that casting couch talk was exaggerated but after reading my all time idol Guy Madison ( Wild Bill Hicock” got a major boost in his career by making his cock available, my illusions were forever shattered. I am further convinced that I was never “discovered” because I declined to recline on the proverbial casting couch. For what other reason would my talent remain hidden after all these years? 🙂

  2. Wolverine has dominated the X franchise for far too long, my personal lust for Hugh aside.

    You will be pleased to know the next X-film returns to multi-mutant mayhem with a heavy dose of time travel to boot ( based on the comic book story line “Days of future past.”)

    • Hey SB- thanks for reading and commenting.

      I was reading about ‘Days of Future Past’ earlier today on Wikipedia. I don’t know the story line but just having Stewart & McKellan back will be step in the right direction.

  3. I noticed your comment on my blog about this – and have added a not-especially-profound comment there.
    Did you stay right through the credits to see the added couple of minutes at the airport? If so, what did you make of them? A warning of what’s coming next? – or just tying up some loose ends?

    A.M.’s comment about having seen ‘Blue Jasmine’ has got me all excited. Can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it, being the inveterate Woody Allen fan that I am. It doesn’t open here for a little while yet but the noises are that it’s a really good film, with Cate B. giving a quite remarkable performance. Also, it’s apparently one of his few serious-throughout efforts, something at which he’s always been exceptional.

    • I took post-credit scene to be a teaser for the next movie. It looks like it may be more of a return to the original kind if plot.

      As Sassybear points out, it is to be called Days of Future Past. (Wasn’t that the title of a Moody Blues album?) I read online that it was shot in Montreal April-August of this year.

      I’m hoping for less introspection. Of course it’s possible it might be just Xavier and Magneto waxing philosophical; kind of a mutant “My Dinner With Andre”

      • Thanks for that, H.K. You can tell that I wasn’t so interested as to try to find the answer to the question myself. But now you and S/b have done it for me.

  4. Although a huge Marvel and X-Men fan, I haven’t watched that film. It didn’t seem that appealing to be honest. We preferred ‘RED 2’, which was quite enjoyable…

    • I haven’t seen Red 2 yet. I liked the first one when it came out and saw it again recently on television. As a general rule I will see anything with Helen Mirren in it.

  5. First and foremost I must say that I absolutely loved this movie. But as I will cover in my review it may largely be due to the fact that I have always held the source material of this film in very high regard. Having said that, I do recognize that their may be a sliding scale of enjoyability for this film. If you are a fan of the 1983 Claremont/Miller miniseries of Wolverine then this is the movie you have been waiting for. If you are fond of the character Wolverine and interested into delving deeper into his chronology and exploring his inner conflicts, you will certainly enjoy this movie. If however, you have no familiarity, or no desire to familiarize with the character of Wolverine, you may find yourself not caring about many of the slower moments and longing for a more evenly paced action film.

    Fans of Claremont’s Wolverine rejoice, this Wolverine does it right. The film does its best keeping characters intact while deviating from the comics in the sake of a self contained story and grander character development. There are several of the shots in this film that are near recreations of the comic’s original panels, and although story lines have been shifted and shuffled in some places, its all there. Mariko, Yukio, Harada, Shingen and Viper may develop differently than in the comic series, but their relation to each other and contextual significance is intact. As a Wolverine fan it was also nice to see a meaningful relationship blossom between Wolverine and Mariko, unlike the comics where it really is love at first sight. Instead here Wolverine falls in love not entirely with the character of Mariko, but rather with the idea of being a protector, a take that is a welcome addition to the Claremont storyline. The characters of Silver Samurai and Viper undergo the largest facelift in this film, but it isn’t entirely out of place. Let us not forget they were involved in the X Men issues directly connecting to the Wolverine miniseries. Although their characters have undertaken slight adjustments in order to incorporate ideas from the Fatal Attractions storyline, the plot does well to take from Wolverine’s side of this storyline because it was one of the few times in the series where Logan did feel vulnerable. Many fans will recognize that the plot device and character of Master Yashida cannot be found in any of the original comics, but one must keep in mind it serves as a useful device to connect all the developments of Logan’s journey. All in all I think its the best character study of Wolverine that any fan could ask for. Wolverine struggles with his animalistic urges and his commitment to reform, he grapples to find meaning in his endless immortality, and he ultimately finds purpose and resolution that he had not before. None of these developments are significantly or profoundly discovered, rather they are slowly revealed, which may turn casual movie goers off from enjoying this film. As a thoughtful exploration of Wolverine’s character and a grand homage to incredible source material though, how can any Wolverine fan say no to this movie? It is the best X-Men movie and one of the best comic based movies.

    For those who would not consider themselves fans, but are rather moviegoers intent on enjoying a superhero epic, be warned. This film is a character study, it does not grapple with any conflicts outside of Wolverine’s internal struggles. The world is not being threatened, and not many lives outside of Logan’s are even being threatened, so the storyline does not crescendo in epic suspense like the Avengers or the Dark Knight. So for those not invested in Wolverine’s personal self discovery, some of the action can seem unmotivated and the pacing an obstacle to satisfaction. The film does its job in providing action sequences, but it intersperses several moments of symbolic soul searching, cryptic metaphors and relationship building that serve as pavement for Wolverine’s self discovery. This movie can still be enjoyable without interest in Wolverine’s inner conflicts however. With an outstanding supporting cast, a beautiful setting, and gripping and intense action sequences, it plays a lot like a token Bond film for those unfamiliar with Wolverine.

    Whether you are familiar with the original comics or not, this movie will certainly provide entertaining thrills and intriguing themes. If, however, you are a fan of the original comic books, this film is a wonderful achievement.

    More about the movie you can also find it here

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