5 comments on “Dog Tales – Happy and Sad

  1. It’s really not safe to let any animal out here in Providence. We definitely have fox and coyote here too, as well as the occasional wolf that wanders into the city. The main diet of the fox and coyote are mice and rats. We have PLENTY of those in the city. It you walk the streets late at night you’ll see big old rats crossing the streets.

  2. A ‘Good news – Bad news” post, though in this case it’s far from being a game. Both stories tug the heart strings, but in entirely different directions. It’s always an animal’s vulnerability that gets to me, with potentially hostiile forces coming from any direction.

  3. You often mention wild animals in your neighbourhood, if you are walking and a coyote appears or a wild boar or several of them, what to do? Do you have a big stick or a weapon if they should attack.
    You can always walk away of snakes or scorpions easily but with 4 legged creatures if they are hungry or have rabies that is another thing. Luckily here all we have is squirrels and lots of them. Nora eats them for breakfast.

    • I’ve only encountered javelinas in the neighborhood once. There were 3 of them. I tightened up on Harper’s leash and back slowly away. Javelinas have a rep for being aggressive and show no signs of being afraid of people.

      Coyotes are usually wary of people. Given room to move, they’ll usually head into the brush. I’m not sure how they’d behave if one was inside a walled yard and felt likes its retreat options were limited.

      Only once have I encountered one that seemed interest in approaching. We were walking in a desert area. It was clearly more interested in Harper than me but as we walked it was getting closer. At that point I started looking for a stick. That’s when you realize that the lack if trees in desert also means lack of tree branches on the ground. I just started making a lot if noise and headed slowly toward the nearest road. He crossed the road and went on his way.

  4. I feel fortunate that all we deal with is an occasional rabid raccoon, possum, or skunk, and they are easily avoided, typically don’t jump walls or fences, and seldom come into contact with us humans or our 4 legged friends.

    I am so scared I’m going to come home with another dog when I run into cuties like the one you ran into! And your neighbor’s sad circumstance makes me sad, too. I’ve had to put two dogs down due to illnesses, but never had to deal with something like a wild animal attack!

    Peace ❤

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