8 comments on “An Expected Sadness

  1. Yes, thank you. Very poignant. I find that each death brings up memories of loved ones and acquaintances who have left us. Many happy memories, but sadness at missing them.

  2. Very nicely put, H.K. I appreciate that you didn’t know him as well as you know some others, but commiserations to you are still in order. And John Donne did get it exactly right.

  3. carry bill’s memory with you, and continue to visit with his widow and son. take them a casserole, cut their grass, run an errand for them. it is quite obvious this family has touched yours. thank you for sharing your thoughts about bill.

  4. I concur with all of the previous comments on this thoughtful and incisive posting. I continue to be amazed at your depth of understanding and your talent for expressing your feelings and thoughts. I feel privileged to be your friend. Thank you for your kindness and generosity of spirit and sharing with us.

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