10 comments on “Knee Deep in the Stream of Consciousness

  1. She can’t feel too bad – I took her on two walks today.
    I think it’s time we put Lucius out to pasture and get something Japanese.
    As for the Dutchman, I’m all for Wagner with leather- seems almost mandatory.

  2. poor harper; my kids scatter under beds upstairs when I am vacuuming the first floor.

    an opera with leather and bondage? oh my!

    philo is probably rolling over in his grave whenever “the kartrashians” and “honey boo boo” appear on his invention.

    and I started getting holiday card catalogs at work LAST month…it’s never too soon to make a buck off the stoopid! bah humbug!

  3. Our two puppies howl in hounds of the Baskerville when the vacuum appears, the noise is terrible and nothing will shut them up. The neighbours are indulgent as they too have dogs.

    As for TV we do not have one and are happier for it am sure. At any rate we have Dr.Spo’s blog and it’s Kardashianesque enough for me.

    As for your pool well its too cold now to swim time to empty it and do something else. It’s on 16 C this morning, oh sorry we do not live in the same city.

    • You truly gave me a full ‘laugh out loud’ moment with the Kardashianesque reference to Spo Reflections. Thanks.

      April-May and September-October are the best pool months here. The air is still warm enough and the water is cool enough to be refreshing.

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  4. The first time I saw the name Philo T. Farnsworth, I thought it was a joke. Poor guy (in so many ways).

    Our first year with our pool in Connecticut, we had olive green water for weeks. The water tested high in chlorine, so they kept giving me other things to put in and telling me it would be perfect… in 24 hours. I finally went to another pool store and was told all the algae was making it show high chlorine when that wasn’t in fact the case. 24 hours later, all was well. Hope that will be the case for you.

    Harper’s expression is pathetically adorable!

    • I hope you are correct about the pool. I backwashed, cleaned it thoroughly and added algaecide yesterday. The directions say to wait 24 hours, backwash again and then add chlorine. We’ll see

  5. Max has the same expression when I vacuum, like he thinks it will eat him. First dog I have ever owned that did not bark at and chase the vacuum. Hope everything works out for pool doctoring. I too am dismayed at how early Christmas decorations start appearing. I remember when Friday after Thanksgiving was not just a really good sale day, but also the first appearance of the Christmas festiveness, gave you something to look forward too, but alas, no more. 🙂

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