9 comments on “The Subject Ain’t Roses

  1. I was going to comment on the Ma and Pa Kettle post but did not know what to say. With this post I can relate. My parents divorced when I was 4 and my mother and I moved in with my grandparents. We had an outhouse but shortly after we moved in with them a bachroom was added to the house. It was a great convenience and had a tub for bathing and everything. I remember once being asked by the teacher what inconvenience there was to living in the country. The only thing I could think of was the cold floors when you got out of bed in the morning. For some reasons my classmates thought that was funny.

  2. For the past 55 years, my parents have had a cottage on a now very desirable lake close to town. All the neighbouring cottages (“shacks”, really) have been replaced by grand homes, but they still have their original cottage with a two-seater outhouse. It is located atop a hill behind the cottage and when you sit on the throne with the door open, you’re rewarded with a panoramic view of the lake.

    And, fess up! Did you check out the men’s underwear section in those Sears catalogues?

  3. I absolutely LOVED the Ma and Pa Kettle movies. They too reminded me of my family. We were lucky in that we lived in “the city” (actually the small town of Downingtown) and had indoor plumbing but I swear all my relatives (uncles and aunts and other family members) lived in the country with outhouses. The only reason I missed the family home having an outhouse was because my father lost his driver’s license and we had to live in an apartment in town until he got his license back. I have quite a few pictures of me and my brother standing in front of or around outhouses. I used to love to visit my Aunt Mary in the county. She had a charming old Victorian house, but without electricity (oil lamps) or indoor pluming. And yes, we were well acquainted with the Montgomery War catalogue and those “slippery” pages. I may steal your “outhouse” theme for one of my future blog postings. By the way, many years later I was somewhat thrown off to find that Marjorie Main, who played “Ma Kettle” was Spring Byington’s (of “December Bride” right after the ‘Lucy” show) girlfriend. Somehow that knowledge took a little of the “outhouse” image away from “Ma Kettle.”

    • Such dish! I had not heard about Marjorie Main & Spring Byington (and bless your heart for thinking you needed to explain to me who Spring Byington was :-)). Though I will admit I always thought Marjorie looked as if she knew her way around a softball diamond.

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