15 comments on “Seconds

  1. I’ve never heard of this film.

    life CAN be empty and meaningless. it’s up to each of us to find joy and purpose and fun in living every day. doesn’t hurt to have friends and a special lover either!

    • Indeed! The pursuit of things rather than essence. In that sense, perhaps oddly, it reminds me of another movie I like; Fight Club. Though in that case the metaphor is violence rather than separation.

  2. Saw this many years ago and still remember it. Always thought Hudson was a competent actor, but he completely blew me away with his performance. Oddly enough, as I read your post, Salome Jens, in the supporting cast, came to mind. She was fresh from her Broadway run in Miller’s “After The Fall.” It looks like a film career was not in the cards. Too bad, as she was a great actress.

    I would love to see this again. Can you tell me where you found it?

    • Thanks for reading & commenting.

      I liked Ms. Jens in this movie very much. She looked familiar but I would not have been able to put a name to the face before reading the credits.

      I borrowed it from the public library. I checked Netflix first. It is not available to stream though it might be available on DVD.

  3. This week I watched the newly released video edition that I mentioned. ‘Extras’ on DVD/Blu-rays are frequently just padding, but not so here. Frankenheimer restored nude footage in the Bacchanal sequence for the 2002 DVD, which would not have passed muster in 1966. He also wanted to reinstate a scene where ‘Tony Wilson’ visits his daughter and her husband and their child, but the footage could not be located. There is a still from this scene included in these extras, and lo and behold, the husband was played by Leonard Nimoy! Otherwise, the casting of Will Geer and Jeff Corey and their performances leave me speechless.

    Latter day analysts of ‘Seconds’ would of course explored the subtext of Rock Hudson’s closet homosexuality, but I don’t think the filmmakers had that convoluted a motivation in casting Hudson. I’ve been wrong before; once or twice;-)

    • Thanks again for the recommendation.

      I saw the 2002 DVD and was surprised by the nudity in the bacchanal in a 1966 film. You comment clarifies that.

      I saw homosexual subtext early in the film but had not considered it in relation to casting Hudson. The reminiscent tone in Charlie’s phone call, the description of the photo, the engraving; and the scene’s juxtaposition between 2 scenes so clearly showing the lack of intimacy with his wife. I lost the thread of it before we ever meet Rock, however, so I just thought it was another allusion to a possible ‘road not taken’…. Either that or it wasn’t there at all and I just look for homo subtext everywhere because….. you know…

  4. Excellent movie …… I can’t remember the last time I have been to see a new release, much rather watch TCM and now a new channel called “movies”

    • Thanks for reading & commenting.

      I still like the experience of seeing a movie in a theater with other people, though the ubiquitousness of the smart-phone tests that.

      I’ve seen movies in the theater in recent months that I’ve liked…. just not nearly as much as I liked this one.

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