7 comments on “Throw Back Thursday – 1957

    • As the youngest I never had the only-child experience. My sister was 4.5 yrs older and I was told she was really excited that mom was having a baby but less happy once she realized mom would be bringing me home and keeping me.

  1. Your ‘era’ seems to be somewhere between a decade and a dozen years apart from mine, but the images in every way seem to be the same in ‘tech’ (those Kodak ‘Brownie’ B+W square deckle edge prints) and atmosphere. This post is a certified gift.

    • Thanks for the comment. I was born in December of 1955.

      I have a few old photos of that at era. Unfortunately, few of them are dated and I’m not very good at looking at photos and guessing ages. My family moved often when I was young so I can usually guess my age pretty closely by recognizing the background location.

      In this case, I recognize it as my grandparents porch. I am young but standing on my own. And I am wearing shorts so it much have been warm weather. That tells me it was either 1957 or 1958. I guessed ’57 based on comparing it to other photos where I and/or my sister looked a little older or a little younger.

    • When I was younger I looked a lot like my mother. My sister (shown in the picture) always looked more like our father. Interestingly, as I age I think I look more and like my father’s family than my mothers….. I maybe I just look old 🙂

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