7 comments on “Throw Back Thursday – 1974

  1. KRESGES! the forerunner of k-mart! we had them around here too.

    you remind me of the many dudes I saw around villanova university back then; they would not give me the time of day either. so I guess they were friends of dorothy too.

    thanks for sharing, dear!

  2. I loved our local Kresge’s! It had a creaky wooden floor which sloped upwards as you walked towards the back of the store. The biggest treat for me (at five) was to eat at their lunch counter with the swivelling round stools, either a chocolate milk shake or a cinnamon bun, split, spread with butter and grilled.

  3. Oh My!….you were so serious as a youngster, weren’t you?
    I see you and your stache have been very close for a very long time now.
    I hope you never wore one of those t-shirts about “moustache rides” back then……lol

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