6 comments on “Three Weeks?? Are You High?!

  1. Over the years I have noted with amusement the lengths some folks go to avoid using their ten God given fingers for typing. With the risk of sounding self-righteous and arrogant (and unfeeling) I am SO GLAD my Mother insisted that I take typing class (two years worth) in high school even though at the time I was in high school (the 1950’s when typing was a GIRL”S class). Never for one moment have I regretted that decision as I type this reply with my ten God given fingers. There has never been a time since I left high school that I haven’t typed whether it be in the Army or my various banking job and now hotel jobs. In fact, my typing ability has opened the door for me for those jobs whereas most of my male counterparts lamely said “I can’t type.” Just last year I had a friend trying to convince me to use a dictation software to “type” my blog entries. I said “Why?” He said “So you don’t have to type?” I said “Why?” He said “To save time.” Uh…….by the time he plowed through his dictation software I had posted three blog entries. Thank you Mom wherever you are now. Maybe you didn’t send me to college but you did make sure I had a practical skill which I can use as long as I live. 🙂

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