15 comments on “Harper’s Valley – V.C.A.

  1. Harper looks great – Molly and I are glad she had such a good check up. Reminds me I must make Molly’s appointment.

  2. Hi, Smiley-face, you good, GOOD girl! (And it’s so pleasing to know that another blogger is aware of the classic and wonderful Dr Phibes films.)

    • Harper’s Other Dad didn’t know who Dr. Phibes was. He’s such a youngster sometimes.

      At first I had a photo of Dr. P. in that post but it formatted better without it.

      • Please educate H.O.D. I’ve got both films on video – and they well stand up to re-plays, getting funnier every time.

      • I should check to see if Netflix has them… Or even YouTube. Not sure what made me think of them but I remember liking those movies when I was a kid.

  3. Petey is not a fan of that spray-up-the-nose vaccine. He takes shots very well. Nail clippings are much worse for him. Petey is good w getting treats from others, but seemingly is good at jail brake if a squirrel is involved.

    I am LOVING today’s 2nd to last picture.

  4. Harper has taken over and rules the roost; she uses these big ole happy faces as her most barbarous weapon. It is quite successful.

  5. Re: Dr Phibes, H.K. Much in the same vein, are you and H.O.D. aware of ‘Theatre of Blood’? (also with Mr Price and from the same era.) If you don’t know it I can promise you it’s a hoot from start to finish – and an absolute MUST for all Bardophiles.

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