7 comments on “The Friends of Dave Diaries – Eugene Onegin

  1. They could make a movie out of this and people would think that it is funny and not likely to happen in real life. Oh well so his life.

  2. That was a wonderful experience..Making the best out of a bad situation and then you gor a great (funny) blog post out of it. And as Spo says at least you got a drink out of it.

  3. Oh, how infuriating! But I hope you manage to go to the re-attempt – especially as E.O. is such a mighty fine work, packed brimful with glorious ‘numbers’.

    Btw: I shouldn’t have let my impetuosity look up the word ‘quesadilla’, as my slightly-more-than-rudimentary knowledge of espanol could have worked it out by breaking the word down. But that was then.

    • We’ll see it on Wednesday. It is a good opera. I’ve seen it twice before; once live in Chicago and once on a previous Met simulcast. I understand this is a new production so looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

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