12 comments on “Don’t Talk To Me About The ACA

  1. I’m watching this saga play out with considerable interest – and not without a little distress too.

  2. Here in Salem, MA a lot of tourist sites (Armory, federal parks etc.) are closed and are causing quite the ruckus. October is Salem’s busiest season. Halloween starts October 1st here and goes strong all month. The tourists are not too happy. Of course, it could be worse.

    Anyway, just thought I’d add a little of the impact from the North Shore of Boston.

    • That’s the challenge with the shut down, it impacts all the parts of government we don’t think of as often. I think that helps make it seem less heinous than it actually is.

  3. Well Said …… hopefully you also post this on your local newspapers opinion page. One of the reasons I tend to steer clear of FB is you can quickly see the real character of a “friend” .

  4. I agree that this shutdown looks more and more like a Coup d`Etat against the President and this is dangerous. If a small group of extremist in the GOP and Tea Party are allowed to win this will spell no end of trouble in the USA for the next president and the next Congress and Senate. Also if the USA defaults on its debt on 17 Oct. this will have consequences no one can foresee. It will also sink the American ship and allow countries like China to suddenly become no.1 in the world. The big problem at this time is that too many people appear to think that the USA cannot fail no matter what. Historically that is not true. Many powerful Empires in the past have fallen when no one thought that possible. I only wish Obama could invoked emergency powers to move ahead and dismiss Congress calling on fresh elections.

  5. I must admit that I have more sympathy for the Tea-publicans than you do. In other corners of the internet I am reading some blogs that are very worried about Obamacare, and not for racist reasons. They worry about (a) the expense and (b) that the legislation does not do very much to actually make health care more equitable. Both of these concerns seem reasonable to me (although being Canadian I am hardly one to agree wholeheartedly with them — I give thanks several times a month that I do not have to pay heathcare premiums).

    • Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I would never suggest ACA is perfect. It is not the solution I wanted. But the extreme right wing of the Republican Party has never proposed a health care alternative. They oppose any national solution.

      Of course now I am being into the spin myself by talking about the merits of ACA when the time to have that discussion has passed. If they wanted to engage on amendment or improvements the be governing rather than just obstructing. They’re not.

      As to the race issue, “tea party” in my part of the country is synonymous with hatred of Hispanics. And almost every online post in favor of TP issues begins with some variation of the phrase; “that damn n—-r in the White House”

  6. “Still, there is freedom of speech for a while longer in America so I am allowing myself one good, cleansing rant in this venue.” WELL SAID! Bravo! 🙂

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