19 comments on “Harper Takes The Silver

  1. Congratulations! These are great pics. Obviously a stylish Harper wouldn’t wear bandanas in that manner, though, apparently she was dressed AFTER Harper’s Dad had a few!

    I know how it is when you try to “go against the training”. We had a collie that was trained to come to the backdoor when the patio bell rang to call us kids home for dinner. I took him for a long walk late one night and about 4 blocks from home he started pulling on the leash. Two blocks later I heard the bell ringing. Mom didn’t know I’d taken him out and thought he’d gone trashcan exploring on his own. He heard the bell, that means DINNER TIME!!!

    Peace ❤

  2. Hey, First rule of canine training is to be sure to hydrate the humans too.
    Bottoms up Harper’s Dad……and I don’t mean the bottoms on the “Girlfriend”…..snort

  3. That huge smiley face that she has shows H obviously enjoyed herself greatly. Congrats to ALL involved.

  4. Didn’t make it to our local AIDS Walk this time, and according to a friend who did, I’d have been driven crazy, because the throng had to proceed as a group (traffic) which made it an AIDS Stroll. (D.Dave walks [very] fast, or not at all;-) Can’t get enough of the Tales of FOD! If our two separate FOD contingents ever commingled, there might be a thermonuclear event.

    • Next year you should come to PHX and we’ll walk together. I too am a very fast walker. I didn’t mind the pace this year because we had the dog and were walking with friends do there were diversions. In years past when it was just Harper’s Other Dad and I he walked and I entered as a runner.

      I know this is a jinx but I have been relatively FOD-free lately; aside from the one who almost ran over me this morning in front of the library. There were a handful who walked out of the opera this morning but they were pretty well behaved about it.

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