13 comments on “Maslow Was Right

  1. I always learn something from your blog posts. You are in my opinion one of the premier bloggers. You’re clear, concise, interesting and always fascinating with a welcome touch of humor and self deprecation. I have never once detected an ounce of hubris in any of your blog postings. I was wondering what happened to you. I that maybe an earwig had you laid up. I was sadden to read that perhaps your feelings were hurt which, in my mind, was cruel and unnecessary because you are one of the nicest people (I’m not coming on to you) I know. I continue to be amazed that there are two fantastic bloggers at Casa Harper abode. Both with different styles but both excellent bloggers and wonderful human beings. I am privileged to know both of you and I wish you all the happiness in the world because you deserve it. 🙂

  2. You are a wonderful fellow and great fun to be around, so please do not let silly things get to you.
    Your fan Club in Canada.

  3. Whatever your misplaced sense of ‘deficiency’ here, you certainly do a wonderful job of giving the ‘illusion’ of a stellar blog. You can’t fake natural. Well, *I* can’t, anyway;-)

  4. Yer fine, kid. Occasionally a bit long-winded. Find your style and shine on you crazy diamond.

    Your blog is your place to express yourself. Go nuts.

    • Thanks for the encouragement and critique. “Long-winded” can certainly be an issue. I fear correcting it may be mutually exclusive of the idea of “go nutes” self expression.

      Luckily that reader has the ultimate power. When the drone goes on too long, relief is only a mouse-click away.

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