14 comments on “Someone Thought These Were Good Ideas

  1. At first I thought you should donate Girlfriend but then I thought why do that to someone else.

    The rollin idea is one my dogs would love if the flavoring was good. Kinda like those balls you put treats in and they have work/play with until the treat falls out. Mine would hold the roller in-between their paws and just lick, lick, lick.

    • Maybe there is a market for it. My thought was if the dog liked it they would crew off the end, swallow the ball and leave the liquid on the rug. Since H didn’t like it it went directly to recycling.

      We will put Girlfriend in the Goodwill box.

    • “Girlfriend’s” label says “Made in China Exclusively”. I’m not exactly clear on the meaning being conveyed by “exclusively” in this context.

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  2. Yes, Girlfriend is creepy and that dog “treat” is absolutely bizarre! But, I’m confused. Your title reads “Someone Thought These Were Good Ideas”… I thought YOU were “Someone.” Is there Someone else???

    • Nice. I have a hard time getting Harper interested in toys at all. Sometimes she come bounding into the family room and dig through her basket until she finds something. She’ll carry it around for a few minutes and then drop it somewhere. Rarely able to get to chase a ball in the park.

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