13 comments on “Throw Back Thursday – +/- 1958

  1. Of course your dimwitted stare would dawn on you slowly…lol
    Just to make you feel better, I too have a “no clue” look on my face in most of my baby/kiddie pictures.
    Hmmm, maybe that wasn’t the right thing to say to make you feel better.

    No doubt that yaller tile seared it’s memory into your corneas….Yikes, it’s bright! 😎

  2. It’s funny – I have some family photos from the time I was about 5 to about 14. Holiday photos with my cousins – one of them Rhonda was always stone faced in pictures except in one of them. I though that quite amusing.

    Then of course there’s me – from about age 12 on the pictures get a little thin because I was a busy teen. School and friends ate up most of my time. And of course it was in the era before ubiquitous cameras.

  3. You said it so much better than I – now it sounds very important.

    Love that picture – what a cutie!


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