17 comments on “Chihuly In The Garden

  1. When we lived in Miami, we were fortunate enough to see a similar Chihuly exhibit at the Fairchild Tropical Gardens, both during the day and at night when it was all lit up.
    And we also spent a day at the Chihuly Museum in Spokane a year ago, where his glassworks actually line the streets and overpasses.
    Truly amazing stuff, as your pictures prove.

    • Thanks for reading/commenting. One of the guys we went with lives in Miami and had seen that show. It was nice for us as he was able to contrast the differences between the two shows.

      Years ago I saw a Chihuly exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts. It was a great show but seeing it outdoors with the natural landscape and the changing natural light made it a different experience. I am really glad to have seen both.

  2. Love. love, LOVE Chihuly’s work!
    Thanks for the photos of it as that will probably be as close to seeing it in person that I ever get.
    Though I did think the neon installation on the cliff was a bit gratuitous….

    • I know what you mean about the neon though, in fairness, it suffers a lot because of unskilled photography. It’s hard to photograph neon, at a distance, at dusk, with an iPhone. It was not garish looking when seen at a distance. Also, because the hillside faces west, it is almost invisible in the daylight and then just slowly appears on the dark hillside as the sun sets. It was not my favorite part of the installation but it is better than my sketchy photo would suggest.

  3. David – your photos turned out so well and captured their beauty and brilliance.
    However, if you look closely, the light green ones are not glasswork but triffids!

  4. great photos …… when they were at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens several years ago I couldn’t visit enough and he has a permanent exhibit at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville I saw last month.

  5. That. Is. Amazing!!! I grew up near Corning, NY which is home to the Corning Museum of Glass. They have several large Chihuly pieces there. I love his work. Thanks for sharing these!

  6. Wow, how beautiful! I bet it was breathtaking to see it live, pictures are a good representation, but they can’t quite capture the true essence. What an excellent exhibit.

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