8 comments on “Adding Insult to Injury

  1. I think you’re using Comcast. They are one of the worst out there. go read Susan Crawford’s “Captive Audience”. She rips Comcast apart. One interesting thing that caught my attention is the cost of just net service. In essence it costs Comcast and even other carriers a buck or two per month to provide the service yet they charge $50 or more because there is no regulation saying how much they can charge.

    I’m in the camp that wants the engineers in charge of the FCC because I know if I were ever appointed as a commissioner the first thing I’d do is classify all phone and net through cable as Common Carrier service, subject to full regulation.

    • Thanks for your comment. I don’t think Comcast operates in this market area but we had them in our previous home. I’m sure you’re right about the economics and regulatory issues.

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  2. truthspew is correct: Comcast is last on the customer service lists for a reason. Many cable companies are way low on the lists. For too many years, they were afforded monopoly status and had no reason to perform up to par. Now, with competition, they have yet to catch up. And I, too, would like to have them classified as Common Carrier. Of course, if your cable provider is also your phone provider, call your state corporation commission – if they supply phones, they ARE regulated, and they HATE to get letters from the SCC.

    I ditched Comcast here for Verizon FIOS and my experience has been exactly the opposite. Fast, competent tech support, on-site on time, usually within a day or so. It’s been extremely reliable, too, with maybe 3 outages in 5+ years, even during long power outages (the battery – free, I add – lasts 12 or so hours even though they say only 8, but I don’t have phones on it).

    Peace ❤

    • Sounds like many folks have issues with Comcast. They are not our provider here but we used them in Michigan. I don’t recall any service issues but all we had with them was table tv service so we didn’t actually deal with them much.

      thanks for commenting

  3. I ditched Time Warner cable TV years ago because of the price; however, I did remain a customer for their high speed service, which is outrageous at just under $60/month. I could get internet service from AT&T cheaper, but they are just too slow. I SO WISH we had city-wide glass fiber internet access like a few lucky cities. Google, are you listening?

  4. If you would like to report the failure of your internet service please visit us online at………….

    • I enjoyed the other side of that coin. My first contact was via web chat on the website. The helpful representative asked me at least 3 times whether I had internet access. “We’re in WEB CHAT!!”

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