7 comments on “Smutty Puppets

  1. This sounds terrific. Definitely my kind of show. I’ve not read ’50 Shades’ but would want to pick it up if I found it on a second-hand book stall, if only to be better ‘informed’. But I take it you wouldn’t especially recommend it.

    On a totally different level, about 10 years ago I went tp see ‘The Vagina Monologues’, not giving a second thought about the audience. In a full house it soon struck me how few men there were, which was quite a surprise. (Was it that many men would have felt embarrassed about going? – and, ‘worse’ to be KNOWN to have attended?) During the show one of the four females on stage (all reasonably well-known British names) called on the audience to applaud those men who were there (she said about 5% of the audience, which seemed about right) as though we had achieved an act of ‘bravery’ by going, when there had actually been no such thing in MY mind, at least.

    So I’m a bit curious about the audience mix of this show you saw. Was there a preponderance of macho males going to enjoy an extended dirty joke? But as the source ‘inspirational’ material had a female author did that give an ‘okay’ for female attendance? But I expect, after all that analysis, that there’d be no discernible difference in the balance of the sex numbers.

    • I had the same experience at the Vagina Monologues.

      The audience for ’50 Shades’ was pretty mixed. I’d guess perhaps a 60/40 split with men outnumbering women. It wasn’t the macho factor however that drove the split. Nearly Naked has strong ties to the gay community so many of the attendees at male couples or gay men attending with female friends.

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      • Whenever there’s a significant gay proportion in the audience I find that watching them is almost as entertaining as whatever the show is itself. Wandering eyes! – and hoping that oneself will be noticed.

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