8 comments on “Car Dealership Earworm

  1. I love this song. Thanks for reminding me and planting it in my head for a while. It today replaces “Little Girls” from “Annie,” which I woke up singing. Don’t ask.

    As for how he knows how it feels to be cloned, it’s kind of like how we know when something tastes like shit.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head about cloning.

      You’re welcome for replacing your earworm. I am as big a musical theater queen fan as anyone I know but Annie is not a fav. Of course now I am thinking about “Tomorrow”…..

  2. insistent little number, ain’t it?
    If you stayed for the entire HG:CF I think you’d have killed more than just a couple of hours. Why do they have to make so many films so looooooong nowadays? I’ll probably go on Wed though the one I might see on Mon runs at a full three hours, damn its eyes!

    • You are correct about the timing. I did stay for all of HG:CF. The website lists the time at 146 minutes but with trailers and such before hand I was in the theater for over 3 hours. Happily/unhappily I had lunch and the car was still not ready.

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