12 comments on “Hunger Games: Catching Fire

  1. It’s still on the cards for this Wed, and what you say hasn’t put me off – though I also haven’t been exactly wild about going either as it seems to be one of those ‘ought to be seen’ films. But, although not having read the original source material (of which I hadn’t been aware before the first film), I did think that Part 1 wasn’t too bad. So, see it I shall. Heigh-ho!

    • Good! Like you, I was not aware of the books until the first film came out. I liked the first movie. I think I saw it on television, never in theater, however. I still look forward to the final film. I’m just hoping this turns out to be the weakest of the three.

      I’ll look forward to you post.

    • I always enjoy your reviews. Hopefully you’ll see something I missed.

      I admit it walked in at 9:30 AM, soaking wet, in a mood that said; I’m wasting a whole day on overly expensive auto repairs, I have time to kill so ‘entertain me!’

      There is one outstanding special effect with a white dress that I absolutely loved.

      • One that I may now not see is ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’, of which you’ll probably have heard. Was going today but chickened out as it’s a full 180 mins long and meant coming back in the dark, with Winter having definitely arrived, and having left the window open for my pussies, there’d be no heating on. It would have been a miserable return for me and the pussies.
        If, by chance, you don’t know about it it’s a new French film with a lesbian relationship ar its centre and which has had fulsome praise from many quarters. It features explicit sex scenes between the two main characters, revealing a lot of pussy of the type that doesn’t appeal so much as the four-footed ones. Whether I’ll still go while there’s still a chance remains to be seen – or not.

      • I heard a review on radio that was mixed. Raved about the story and the performances but said some of the cast felt the final product was a straight man’s fantasy of girl on girl porn.

        I decided to pass because I did not want to spend 3 hours watching lesbian sex.

        With an NC-17 rating, distribution in the States is limited. It’s only playing on one screen in this metro area of more than 4 million people.

  2. I read the series before seeing the first movie. The books are real page turners, I couldn’t put them down and thanks to kindle was able to read one right after the other. Each book is less than 300 pgs and the writing level is far lower than that of the Potter books and is aimed directly at teenage girls. If you want, you can read my totally spoiler free review, written before seeing either movie, HERE
    In case the link doesn’t work:

  3. Glad I watched Hunger Games this weekend so I am refreshed. I’ll go see Catching Fire, for much the reasons that I went to see Ender’s Game…to see the adaptation of the novel(s).
    Peace ❤

    • Let me know what you think. I felt it was a weaker story than the first movie but maybe the book was as well so it might be a faithful adaptation. I remember thinking that about the 6th Harry Potter book too; that it was basically just a prologue for Book 7.

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