2 comments on “The Mountaintop

  1. I always enjoy reading your reviews, where you a reviewer in another life? I can appreciate how people want to keep the memory of Dr. King as pure as snow but that is not reality. Showing him as he was does not take away from his wonderful gift to inspire people. Nothing is perfect in this world and we have to accept that. On the other hand the USA has come a very long way since 1968, it’s not the same country. Race relations might still be difficult but there has been a long of important improvements. I like to think that it came about because of people like him and others.

    • Thanks for the kind words. The reviews are why I subtitled the blog “Adventures in Hubris”. There is no reason why anyone should really care what I think about something I’ve seen but I enjoy the process of writing the reviews because it forces me to be analytical about why I liked or disliked something.

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