18 comments on “Thanksgiving Recipes – Good, Bad, and Mediocre

  1. “So I guess if it looked more like acid rain that had cascaded off a snake’s ass we missed the mark?”

    LAUGH OUT LOUD! Thank you for that. Yet another excellent post. Informative, honest, funny and thoughtful. You are a treasure. Some years back (2004 to be exact) I was invited to a Christmas dinner by a dear friend. Cast of thousands (actually only about 12) were there. I was asked to make my famous lemon meringue pie. I did. Wouldn’t you know it, the gelatin didn’t take and the pie ran like a yellow mud slide when I cut it for presentation. “Oh don’t worry about it Ron. We KNOW it’s good.” Of course I haven’t been invited back since. Coincidence? I think not.

    Thanks for this great posting! 🙂

  2. A.M. got there before me (well, in a way). I WAS going to say that the caption (of last photo) should be ‘Whiskey Sour’, but now I shan’t bother.

  3. I think I’d agree across the board of your assessments, based only on the recipes! I do like bananas, so perhaps the yam/banana thing might move up to a “cautiously OK”. The drink sounds positively awful. That’s why I prefer my bourbon on the rocks, if not straight up! Why spoil a good thing with acid rain or lizard asses?

    Peace ❤

  4. I’m not a competitive type per se. But when it comes to food I’ve got my finger on the zeitgeist so to speak. For instance this month we had the West Side Chili Bring It Share It event – I brought these nice cheddar shortbread biscuits.

    Then for Thanksgiving we were asked to bring a dessert item. I did a blueberry crumble. It’s essentially a nice crust with blueberries combined with salt, sugar and starch and then on top there’s crumbled flour/butter/brown sugar mixture. Perfect.

    And all of it I baked myself. I love baking and roasting things.

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