5 comments on “Remembering World AIDS Day

  1. I lost my oldest (I met him when we were 10 and we stayed in almost continuous contact from then on) and probably best friend (that’s a whole other story) a few years back to complications from AIDS/HIV. So far, no others. Thank God. But that’s no less reason to reflect and remember everyone else. I’ve just been lucky.

    Peace ❤

  2. I remember when my first friend died from complication of AIDS/HIV. None of us knew why he was so sick. His name was Jay and he was tall and thin like me. Then he really got thin. I used to kid him “Jay, you CAN’T get any thinner!” Then he really got sick. We were all puzzled. We thought it was poppers. I used poppers at that time (to dance). Of course it was some years later that we all realized that Jay was one of the first victims of the AID/HIV virus. I came out, and was very active, in the Sixties and Seventies. I didn’t miss much. I didn’t calm down until 1980, right about the time that the AIDS/HIV got its name, instead of “GRID” (Gay Related Immune Deficiency” syndrome). I too am lucky. I do not have the HIV virus. Partly because I didn’t engage in unsafe sexual activity (not my thing) but I could have. Several men I knew (and liked a lot) wanted to engage in that activity with me but for some reason I declined. The reason wasn’t because of fear of HIV but I just wasn’t into that activity. I’m more or a relationship person, a hopeless romantic. I leave the physical sexual acrobatics up to others. In the past I probably would have consented just to please them but I didn’t. Later, those men (two of them I remember well) both died of AIDS/HIV related causes. But, I don’t consider myself smart but just lucky. I could just as easily have succumbed. Unsafe sexual activity is the only thing that will control HIV in the gay community. Other forms of transmission of HIV are needle injections and believe me, I worry every time I have my blood taken. I think “Is this the time a dirty needle is used?” I live each day as if it is my last. I make every day count. And I know I am one lucky man.

  3. I thought I was the only one that kept Ron Romanovsky & Paul Phillips on my play list anymore. They created some great music.

    • Sorry for not acknowledging your comment sooner. For some reason it was caught in the spam filter.

      I really liked R&P (don’t mean to speak in the past tense). I saw them a few times at community events over the years. That song always comes to top of mind when the topic turns to AIDS. It seems more optimistic and empowering than some of the others I know.

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