22 comments on “Throw Back Thursday – 1971

  1. I briefly considered playing football (very briefly mind you) but decided against it when I saw a pile-up and eyed one of the football player’s hand underneath a spiked football shoe. OUCH! No way honey. I opted for the marching band instead. I would rather be spitting into a Sousaphone (not a tuba) than risk breaking my perfectly polished nails. 🙂

  2. Well look at You Mistah Sumthin’ Sumthin’……
    In 1971 I was in 7th grade in a Catholic School. No junior high for me. It was a very uneventful year and the only thing I recall is that was the one time/year I tried out to be a cheerleader. Of course, not being one of the beautiful people, I didn’t make the squad.

    • The Catholic schools in our area were K-8 and then 4 year high school.

      What I most remember about the Catholic schools, never having attended one, was that the girls always wore white shirts and plaid jumpers and one could tell which parish by the color of plaid; green & yellow = St Pat’s; blue & black = Sacred Heart; red & black = St John’s, etc.

    • Thanks – I agree!

      If I squint, adjust the lighting and stand a long way from the mirror; possible in another room, I see no difference at all.

      The tupperware hairstyle has long since bitten the dust thank goodness.

  3. Wow – that’s interesting. But I wasn’t a product of public schools so high school started at 9th grade through 12th. That was LaSalle Academy – back when it was an all boys school.

    • There were no private schools in our area other than parochial schools, The Catholic schools were K-8 with a 4 yr high school. Catholic parents that wanted to send their parochial school kids to public high school had to either send them to public junior high for one year or send them to Catholic high school for one year and then transfer them as sophomores… so they got the be the new younger kids in high school twice. Yuck!

      • Like I said, first twelve years of my education were in Catholic schools. Started at Msgr. Bove school aka St. Ann’s, and then high school at LaSalle Academy.

  4. I was also a 9th Grader in Junior High, in 1973. There was no room for us at the real high school! (Damn, are you really two years older than me? You look so much younger!) Sigh. Though it meant I skipped 2nd semester 8th grade and 1st semester 9th grade! (Long story, ask me at Blogger-palooza if you care to hear it.) I played football one season in rec league in 6th grade. Hated every second of it, but dad said I had to stick out the season. The next year, I worked theatre! Much better! And yeah, I had a girlfriend or two in high school. I mean, that was what you did, right?

    Peace ❤

  5. I love the photo. You look the part of football player! We also were in Jr. High in 9th grade. Had class/group photos and not individual… thank god! I can’t even stand looking at myself in the group shot!

    • Thanks. One of the things that intrigues me about old selfies is why some seem not too bad and others are almost painfully embarrassing. To others, one photo may not be much different than other. They notice the fashions, hair styles, situation, etc. But to the subject they are sometimes fraught with meaning; positive or negative.

  6. Ah yes, I remember hs school football, drinking water out of old pop bottles, taking salt tablets, sitting in the whirlpool, and seeing red pubic hairs for the first time. Those were the days!

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