16 comments on “The Perfect Stocking Stuffer?

  1. Well if you had ever known women who were having “fertility issues” & wanted to achieve pregnancy, you’d know that this crowd goes through predictors and HPTs like a bowl of potato chips……can’t have just one! Beats paying $10 a pop at the local drug store……

  2. They do make the perfect gift, according to the media women have a 50% chance of becoming pregnant during the Holidays. I bet the Virgin Mary would have liked to have known that, no wait she was 12 years old and God is ageless and sent a bird to talk to her.

  3. All I can say about the dollar stores is that I was able to fulfill my Gifts for Larry and Gabe needs in one fell swoop, rather than making another trip to Target, too!

    As to pregnancy tests, never had that issue. Whew! There are advantages to being gay! I have to wonder, do they also offer $1 condoms, or does that cut down on pregnancy test sales?!?!

    Peace ❤

  4. Wait a minute here. Back up…”aside from a couple of scares in high school and college”?…..EGADS MAN…. tell me you didn’t take “the plunge” while searching for your sexual identity? 😦
    Wow. Jaw dropping. Absolutely draw dropping. So how was it? That’s one experience that’s not on MY bucket list. 😉

  5. Of course you did not buy a test (or three). It will come as a complete surprise when Harper’s Other Dad finds one (or three) in his stocking this year — courtesy of Harper, no doubt, who is always going on about having a brother or sister.

  6. No need to place any in MY stocking. I have all I could ever use (i.e., none).

    I vaguely remember a comedy routine about the inappropriateness of buying pregnancy tests at a dollar store. Had no idea you could these, as well.

  7. LOL…..this is one of those items, unless extremely broke or cheap, a female would spend the money for top of the line, at least 8 dollars. I guess the market really is competitive on all levels.

  8. David, I hope you are feeling better. If I was nearby I’d drop by and give you some tea and sympathy for Christmas. Tell Harper to keep your spirits up for Christmas! 8-))

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