11 comments on “Waist Deep In The Stream of Consciousness

  1. Happy to hear you are better, we were trying to gather intelligence on your health from the Spo Guy.
    We have stopped watching TV some years ago and so when any controversy arises I never know what they are talking about and just move on. You will have to tell us what did Santa bring you. I know Dr. Spo got his usual lump of coal, what did you get anything from Tiffany?

    • Even if you had a television I can’t imagine you huddling in front of it to watch Duck Dynasty. No offense to anyone who watches it or enjoys it but I don’t watch it and you and Will set the entertainment bar quite a bit higher than I do. I just can’t see you & Will taping episodes so you can watch them when you get back from Salzburg.

      I was able to call in some favors and do a little better than coal for the good Doctor. Santa was nice to me bringing books and music as well as a few sundries best left to the imagination.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better! And I quit caring about A&E and DD. Just more uneducated rednecks who buy into the Christofacist view of world!

    Peace ❤

  3. That is one gloriously beautiful Christmas tree you have there! 🙂 I hope this cold you have is on it’s way out. Last year I had a similar cold that just wouldn’t go away. I felt like it was going to last all winter. I was miserable. When I was younger (a LONG time ago) I never got colds but now that I am a Senior Citizen, I seem to get one each year…….except this year (fingers crossed).
    Ah the Duck Dynasty imbroglio…..I say let the ignoramus say whatever he wants to say. His followers agree with him and no one, especially the HRC is going to change anyone’s mind. I discovered a long time ago when there is a media frenzy over a controversy like this, all sides make money by receiving contributions from their impinged upon supporters. Like you, I was raised as a Southern Baptist but became alienated from my church when I discovered how much hate was in my church. I call that “man-made Christianity” but because true Christianity does not behave this way. These self-appointed so called Christian moralists like Robertson and his ilk are evil, pure and simple. They are the best rationale for not believing in God because if they’re the ones going to Heaven and I’m not going just because I happen to love another human being, then what sense does that make? Religious extremists of any religion (yes, I’m talking about Muslims too) are evil. They bely the true intent of their faith and I have no time for them. Let them rant and rave and stew in their hateful bile as long as they leave me alone. One problem with people like Robertson and other religious extremists though is that they cause self-hate among some young gay people thus causing their self destruction, and that is the real evil of which I speak. But all this hoopla and righteous outrage over what some bandana wearing, bearded yahoo in Louisiana is not worth the attention it has received. They’re all playing (both sides) a cynical game. Now that I got that off of my chest, I hope you’re feeling better! 🙂
    Give Harper a big hug for me.

  4. I seem to have come down with the crud about the time you did so I am anxiously waiting for this hacking cough to come to an end.
    Just like with the Kardashians, I can’t offer an opinion on Duck Dynasty. As Sergeant Schultz would say, “I know nothing”.
    I’m glad that you had Harper with you for Christmas.
    Holiday lighting is quite different than when I was a kid in the 70’s during the oil embargo.
    Happy New Year!

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