17 comments on ““No Thank You – But Merry Christmas”

  1. Well DAMN. That gives me great fodder for NOT contributing to their donation centers. I don’t frequent Chic-filet either. Nor do I comment on conservative comments on FB because I don’t want to dignify their idiocy with rebuttal!

    • I try to take the same approach on FB. I have a number FB friends who are former professional colleagues who are active in Tea Party politics. If I comment then I receive all the follow-up comments which invariably make me crazy. Every now and then I will vent a rant about something here on the blog but I try to always identify them as “politics” so people can skip over them if they want.

  2. Good grief! I’m thankful the SA volunteers around here aren’t as forceful! I will say I found it odd that they were set up outside our state-run liquor stores!

    Peace ❤

  3. I notice the bell ringers around these parts aren’t doing too well. And you’re much more polite than I am. After the second time of saying “No thank you” I’d have seriously read the woman the riot act. I’ve done it with Christian proselytizers – if they push I’ll explain why they believe in a fiction. Assures that they give me wide berth next time they see me.

    If your God is so good and great – why does he need the likes of your to invite other people to the crazy party?

  4. Yes, a simple no thank you should be a sign this conversation is ended. People who press on past the 2nd no thank you are being rude.

  5. Bravo! Presumably she thinks that being an SA member (or a Christian) means that she shouldn’t be subject to ‘rudeness’. Well, tough titty!
    I’ve been particularly circumspect about this ‘sect’ for many years now, with their head-on evangelising cloaked under a ‘do-good’ profile. I’ve no doubt that they have pulled a significant number back from the brink, but that doesn’t give them a free pass to be regarded by all as nothing-but-good – because they damn well aren’t!

  6. The bell ringers are not that pushy here in WI. Once a person says no, that is it, end of communication. The lady was the rude one, by practically following you to the car, her last orders must have been “give away all reindeer stickers, no matter what”. 🙂

  7. I don’t know where getting into a row with another blogger ought to fall in the area of frustration, all I can say is that its one of the ‘least rewarding’ experiences I’ve found online. A blogger from Vermont who for a time commented on my own blog (and this and others hereabouts) was sure the ‘lie’ concerning the SA’s policy on gays was being perpetuated by a consortium of gay bloggers with a vendetta. When the temperature rose, having learned my lesson elsewhere, I slowly backed away from our dialog with a ‘perhaps I’ve misunderstood’, though I am a very poor liar.

    • I always wanted to be a member of a consortium…or a cabal. A cabal would be cooler because they probably have secret handshakes and costumes and such. I continue to wait and hope.

      I remember when I first looked into the SA matter I found a lot of hyperbole from the LGBTQ community and a few cases where, I thought, LGBTQ activists distorted SA comments in inflammatory ways. That said, the organization’s official position statement on the issue is sufficient reason for me to direct my donations elsewhere.

      Hopefully no one read my post to mean I was telling them not to donate. It was probably off-point for me to have gone into why I chose the say ‘No Thank you’ in the first place. I was trying to speak to the issue of people ruining their own day, as well as mine, by not taking “No, Thank You” for an answer. I would have felt the same way no matter which group was ignoring my attempt to decline politely.

  8. Sorry to be so late in responding to your excellent post. You responded exactly as I would have were I in the same situation. Reasonable, kind yet firm. Recently a long time friend (since 1st grade – 1948) “congratulated” me on my recent marriage by casually suggesting in a jocular manner “What’s next Ron? Marrying your pet?” I immediately said to him “Bill, do you realize you just insulted me?” He responded by saying “Well Ron, some people believe this to be so.” I said to him “Do you realize what you’re saying Bill? Do you realize you’re doing what your former senator (Rick Santorum – my friend lives in Pennsylvania) did when he equated my relationship with my Bill (my partner also has the same name “Bill”) to “man on dog?” He thought I was overreacting. Again I said to him “Do you not realize that my marriage is the equal of yours?” He didn’t. Of course he is a Conservative Evangelical Christian and this is what they brainwash er teach him in his church. The further irony is that he has propositioned me for sex numerous times (I’ve turned him down but that’s another story). Like you, I confront ignorance and homophobia, no matter how nice the face. Good for you.

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