12 comments on “The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson

  1. I have read the book “Full Service” by Scotty Bowers. It dishes on who was actually GAY in Hollywood and how he acted as essentially pimp for the gay and lesbians in the group. Amusing enough read.

    And I just read “Christopher and His Kind” and I’m working on the volume titled “The Berlin Stories” by Christopher Isherwood. I like his writing style.

  2. I second Laurent’s comment above. A writer who blithely assumes that the reader automatically shares his/her own prejudices is not just arrogant and lazy, but is someone who can’t accept that his audience has intelligence. It’s exactly this frame of mind which manifests in many evangelist preachers, hoping that we don’t notice, though it’s a tragedy that the ‘need’ to have one’s own prior beliefs confirmed and consolidated rather than being challenged is so strong.

    • The point about audience intelligence is a big one for me. I know I hate going to the theater when I feel like either the playwright or the director has ‘dumbed down’ the material. There is something disrespectful about them assuming I am too stupid to get the point otherwise.

    • I’m glad I didn’t buy it. 🙂

      I’m a big fan of the public library. It is always my first stop for anything that has been out for a while. The nearest branch is not huge but I go online and, if the book or dvd is available anywhere in the library system they will ship it to my branch and email me when I can go pick it up. It is not conducive to browsing but it is a great system if one is looking for something specific.

  3. This is a book that I gave to you at last year’s Bloggerpalooza. I will have more for you at this year’s Bloggerpalooza including the aforementioned “Full Service” by Scotty Bowers. Leave room in your suitcase. 🙂

    • I came home with some terrific books last year, including the Tab Hunter book. I am reading the Ramon Navarro one now. But this one wasn’t among them. I got it from the local library.

      I am reading Full Service now, also from the library. I look forward to blogging about it. It’s dishy but also kind of disturbing.

      • I have “Full Service” but haven’t read it yet. I’m reading Kitty Kelley’s book about Frank Sinatra. I LOVE DISHY. 🙂

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