13 comments on “Belated Throw Back Thursday – Mystery Date

  1. When I was going through all my parents’ pictures of us kids when dad passed away, there were a lot of pics just like this. I knew “that was me”, but I had no recollection of when or where the picture might have been taken. Maybe that’s an effect of aging! Selective memory.

    Peace ❤

  2. I hope you’re now keeping a diary. You don’t want to be going through this recollection struggle in 2036.

  3. Was the beard a give-away as well or did you have a beard at 5? I immediately started stewing, trying to figure this out. Like… must have been your 40th birthday — 1 candle for each decade and 1 for good luck. But then I don’t know anyone outside NYC that has the one-for-good-luck tradition. Then I realized, I couldn’t possibly figure this out, so back to you…

    • LOL. The beard should probably have been a tip off as well.

      I appreciate your efforts. I think when I first came across the photo I sent it to my niece and asked her if anything looked familiar to her. Nothing did. My only other option would be to send it to my former partner and ask him if it was his mom’s kitchen. I’m considering it.

    • It is such an oddity for me. I look at pictures of myself as a toddler and know where they were taken because I remember the bathroom being a certain color or because of the chair I am sitting in. This one, in the greater scheme of things wasn’t even that long ago and yet I haven’t a clue.

  4. At least you remember the shirt, so we know you owned the clothing you were in. I solved the problem of knowing who and what and where pictures were and who they were–learned to label pictures when I was about eight-years-old and my 34-yr-old mother could not remember who was in pictures in she owned. This has never failed me….so far.

  5. Your story reminds me of the time a family remember said to me “Remember when you were at the 1993 family reunion?” I told her I wasn’t at that reunion. She sent me a video tape and there I was, at the reunion and not just in the background. She had a “full frontal” of me (face on) teasing my father and putting his baseball back on backwards. I looked at that video tape and STILL COUDN’T REMEMBER BEING THERE ARE PUTTING HIS HAT ON BACKWARDS! That’s when I realized I had brain cells that died. Scary. 😦

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