11 comments on “Throw Back Thursday – Key West 1999 (ish)

  1. It is a great picture including that beautiful shirt that reminds me of madras of the late fifties. However, I do think you have sort of a startled “deer in the headlights” expression.

    Now, don’t think you can get away with telling us only a tidbit of the 1997 Key West Big Ruby’s Guest House story. We need lots more details. It is so wonderful that that weekend has lasted almost 17 years!!! I can tell why Harper’s Other Dad was so smitten; I would have been too. How nice to have met both of you last March in Lewes.

    If I remember correctly from when I lived in South Florida, Key Lime Pie was “invented” on one of the upper keys (?Islamorada) and that restaurant was still there and serving them when I used to go down the keys in the 1960’s. Another favorite was the Green Turtle Inn and Restaurant in the keys. The best key lime pie in Miami was served at restaurants named Tyler’s and we ate at the one on Ponce de Leon in Coral Gables. Enough history.

  2. Gee you have changed a lot since then, you are really much slimmer and blonder. This relationship thing works for you. You do look startled in the photo. Was it the check the waitress brought you?
    Like David J. would like more details on that famous weekend in KW and big Ruby’s Guest House.

  3. Synonyms for sleazy: “boisterous”, “libertine”, “uninhibited”, “hedonistic”. Maybe those are euphemisms, though.

  4. I’ve got to check this place out some day. This is such a nice story and a true testament of your love for one another. Harper is such a lucky pooch!
    You looked good in a beard.

  5. Interesting isn’t it how a chance encounter totally changes the course of our lives. If you hadn’t gone to Big Ruby’s guest house that fateful week, Harper would not be living the life of opulence that she enjoys now. 🙂

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