12 comments on “Chess Earworms

  1. I Love the music from Chess, but have never seen any kind of production — not even the PBS version. Sometimes I forget that it was written by two members of ABBA.

  2. I was lucky enough to see ‘Chess’ in London about a month into its run – so before the production had any chance of getting a bit slack (if it did). I’ve always thought that it deserved a longer term in the theatre – and at least a respectable run on Broadway as well.
    I’m an unapologetic admirer of the ABBA guys and here with Tim Rice (perhaps just a little bit below what he’s capable of) it’s a winning combo.
    ‘Chess’ will surely one day be revived, maybe with modifications to the story. I’ll be only to pleased to have the chance to see it again. Meanwhile I have to rely on the memories (comparatively vivid compared to some of the shows I’ve seen, even nearly three decades later) and the occasional playing of the double audio-cassette I own.
    But you’re right – ‘Anthem’ is a stirring number in anyone’s books.

    I’m aware of ‘Pippin’ but don’t know much about the actual show. An investigation is called for.

  3. I saw PIPPIN on broadway in the early 70s; john rubinstein (family) as pippin and irene ryan (beverly hillbillies) as granny and virginia vestoff (abigail adams in 1776) as the love interest and ben vereen as the narrator. GREAT SHOW!

    the only song I know from CHESS is the bangkok number.

    • Original Broadway cast?!? – Now I am really jealous. I always thought John Rubenstein was a cutie. Irene Ryan had a stroke during a performance of that show and died a few days later. I love her recording of “No Time At All”

  4. I was at the matinee performance where Irene Ryan suffered her stroke. I wondered why she did not come out for her bow, as she brought down the house. Sadly, a few days later I found out the reason.

    I love “Chess” and have viewed the PBS production many times. Along with “Anthem”, I love the Elaine Paige version of “I Know Him So Well”. However, for a different spin on it, listen to it sung by John Barrowman and Daniel Boys.

  5. have seen Pippin 3 times. First on Broadway shortly after opening with Rubinstein, Ryan, and a very young Jill Clayburgh (now past away). Two others were touring companies. Saw Chess twice, once on B’Way and then a touring company. Neither were staged well and left me feeling much like Uncle Frank’s review. My fave is the concert version – a few of your videos – with Josh Groban (his Anthem still gives me chills), Idina Menzel and a damned good Adam Pascal. (Rent!) I think the change from London to B-way was a big mistake. It’s a very difficult musical to stage in the first place. Hope you enjoy Pippin. I sing it often.

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