10 comments on ““Full Service”

  1. There are just such people with what can be labelled elastic morals. To me I would say that Bowers has a very European mind set. The milieu in which he lived and worked was one outside the average daily life of most people. An unreal world of fantasy and make believe which is the movie industry.
    Because of his out look he was well suited for that world.

    • The part I struggled with most was the notion of being friends with people but still being paid to have sex with them. In my naiveté I always sex was either personal or commercial.

      I guess it is kind of like the relationship of Rhett Butler and Belle Watling.

      • You’re comment brings to mind someone who paid people to be friends with her and hanger on. Her name was Peggy Guggenheim of the museum family. She is buried in her Palazzo on the grand canal in Venice with her dogs. In certain milieu not such an aberration I suppose.

  2. I recently purchased this book from Amazon.com. I now look forward to reading it, lurid details and all. And oh, I can’t imagine reading anything in this book that I haven’t witnessed myself in real life during my gay sojourn in Philadelphia in the late 60’s and 70’s, the heyday of city gayness. Thank you for the heads up. 🙂

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