6 comments on “Saving Mr. Banks

  1. One of my small pleasures in life is reading blogs like yours. Your reviews are on much more informative and easier to read than professionally written reviews. I subscribe to Entertainment magazine which has movie reviews but none of their reviews can hold a candle to your reviews. I love this new digital age where folks like you and Raybeard have the opportunity to share your talent with the rest of us, unfiltered through the usual bottlenecks of LA and New York. You are my movie reviewer (along with Raybeard) to go to. Thank you! 🙂

  2. (With acknowledgment and gratitude to Ron, above, for giving my blog a plug – not for the first time. Thanks, Ron)

    We agree that this is a good, film, H.K. , and I’ve got little more to add.
    I’m with you on thinking that Cate Blanchett is ultimately the one who deserves the Oscar, though comparisons between the character she plays and that of Travers are not easy in their being so utterly different.
    The pictures you show of the latter and that of Emma Thompson show a greater facial resemblance between the two than I had realised while the film was playing.

    Btw: I watched ‘Mary Poppins’ on TV a few nights ago, my first viewing for something like 30 years. I’d had thought for ages that the film had been over-praised and that it had appeared to be dated quickly after its release. However, watching it this time it came up fresher than I’d remembered, and it seems like I’ll have to revise my opinion. On the other hand I’ve always held the opinion that the songs, virtually without exception, are of a superior standard.

  3. My brother said it was enjoyable as well. Thanks for your detailed review. I want to see it. Now that all the rug/mall rats are back at school, maybe I will sneak out of the office early one day and catch a matinee?????

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