7 comments on ““Take Me Out”

  1. American theater and movies are not known for subtleness and nuance. Sadly, too many movie and theater goers have to be literally hit over the head with a bath to understand a story. Either they’re too stupid (uneducated) or lazy to think for themselves and need to be told what is going on. This is the mean reason I do not watch network TV and don’ like most movies, two dimensional characters and predictable story lines. Occasionally there are flashes of true inspiration like “Silver Linings Playbook” which actually make the movie goer think (imagine that)?
    Another good review. Why hasn’t some Phoenix newspaper picked you up yet? Years ago I had a friend who was a newspaper movie and theater critic. He often asked me to go with him to get another view other than his own. While I like him, I think you’re reviews are much more three dimensional and interesting and informative. You’re good!

    • Thanks!

      I’ve heard wonderful things about “Silver Linings Playbook” but confess I have not seen it yet. I must cure that.

      I think you’re being just a tad curmudgeonly about the lack of subtlety and nuance in the theatre. You just need to seek out better plays. They are around.

      I share your curmudgeonliness (not sure that’s a word) about movies. Lots of them, at least outside the ‘art houses’ (which are often foreign) seem to focus more on CGI spectacle than character. I’d suggest we vote with our dollars by avoiding them except I don’t think our demographic affects the bottom line much one way or the other.

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