13 comments on ““Looking”

  1. Thanks again for a great review. When looking at those picture or TV series like QAF and others it really does not connect to me or what I did when I was under 35. I would like to see a TV series about ordinary middle-age gay men. Instead of the young ones, what happens when they go over 35?
    A question not asked in many a series.

  2. Opposite of the same coin, I knew QAF wasn’t filmed in Pittsburgh because I recognized too many familiar landmarks from Church St in Toronto where it actually was filmed; at least the exteriors

  3. Just like older straight people who are just everyday folks, “nobody in America who matters” wants to see their gay counterparts on tv or film either.
    This culture?….you either have to be young, hot, rich or a celeb/famous, and preferably all of the above to appeal to the audience they skew toward. Or be a candidate for a freak show because who can’t resist a circus sideshow? 😉

  4. O! Call me old fashioned (and I know many may), but whatever is wrong with the Tales of the City? While it did start out with the Social Safeway in the Disco Era, it did allow the characters to mature and follow them through different phases of life.

    • A well timed comment! The newest (I’ve given up saying “final”) installment of the Tales of the City saga; “The Days of Anna Madrigal” was released today. It just appeared in my Kindle folder a few minutes ago.

      She’s 92 in this book…. And that makes me feel even older than Michael Toliver on Silver Daddies a couple of volumes ago.

  5. Good gosh! 14 years since QAF???? Thanks for that. Well, it might have been later for me since I had to watch it all on DVD.
    I saw the full page ad in the New York Times last week for Looking and once again found myself wishing I had cable. I hated Seinfeld and Cheer’s in the beginning but then came to enjoy them.

    • Time flies. By now “Brian” would have abandoned ecstasy-fueled nights at Babylon for Grinder…… then Scruff….. then Silver Daddies. “Ted” would be posting personals on Craigslist.

  6. Toronto? How intriguing.

    I am surprised you did not identify with the hot blonde twenty-something.

  7. I thought I left my comment but I don’t see it so here goes again. Thanks for this review. I read in “Entertainment Weekly” where this show as coming on and was interested. In my original reply I mentioned how disappointed I was find that QAF wasn’t filmed in Pittsburgh, the city of my coming out. SO DISAPPOINTED. Pittsburgh was and is so cool (ever been there?) and would have been a great location shoot but you know the film producers and unions, take the cheapest way out, little or no concern for the viewers or authenticity. Another thing I didn’t like was the two dimensional characters on QAF. In real life as apposed to reel life, gay man come in many shapes and sizes, intellect, and ages. We’re not all young and beautiful. Just once I would like to see a show about gay characters that shows real gay people, not the Hollywood (or Toronto) version of gay men (and women). Don’t hold your breath though.

  8. Hey Harper’s Keeper! Am waiting for a follow-up now that the series season has ended…what is your final verdict?
    For all of those decrying how “unlike me and my lot” this show is.. Really??Is any TV show “like you and your lot”? Maybe you all live in a different world than I, but I don’t see any housewives like the ones on Desperate Housewives or immigrant neighbours like the ones in the Amerikans, or a group of friends like Friends. It is about entertainment. If you want to see folks like you, go to your local watering hole and meet them while the rest of us are entertained by mindless plots and strutting pretties.:-)

    • Thanks for the comment. I have a follow-up draft on my to do list.

      Your point about the ‘unlike me’ criticism is well taken. In re-reading my post I don’t think I came down too hard on that. Actually the penultimate paragraph kind of makes the same point you do.

      My concern was that the material and situations seem SOOOO familiar. Surely there must be something new to say about gay life, something that was lifted chapter, verse and soundtrack from Queer As Folk or The Broken Hearts Club.

      I came to like it more than I did when I first wrote about it. I should write about that.

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