10 comments on ““See, I Told You So!”

  1. “An educated consumer is our best customer.”
    I cannot imagine that this ad slogan would have resurfaced from the back of my brain ever again in my lifetime had it not been for this post. Thanks, Mr. Keeper!

  2. I have never and will never purchase one of these things. I never wanted to spawn, I have no maternal instinct. yet I love my cats unconditionally.

    hell, I never even shop at the $ store!

  3. I saw them in a dollar store just before Christmas, too. Forgot to mention that. I was not floored, but I think I stared at them a bit long. Right next to them were the $1 condoms. Now THOSE I’m not touching!!!

    Peace ❤

  4. Funny. In my day you had to wait several months before you surmised you were preggers. I know Beth went into a grocery bathroom to ‘pee on the stick’ but her fertility was way greater that mine!
    If they have HPT, do they sell condoms?

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