11 comments on “Earworm – “Baby It’s You”

  1. Yea!Listening now!!!Going on my ipod! Thanks!
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  2. This is OFF topic. At the top of your sidebar, is a very nice smile of Harper’s Keeper wearing a green and white shirt. The problem is -> you need “to powder your face” as it is too shiny. Also looks like you have already made this year’s trip to PV and have a bit of sunburn, too. Is your hair really ginger, after all? No problem, I really like ginger men.

  3. I confess I have never heard of Smith before this post.
    I guess in 1969 I was too “into” the 3 Dog Night, Sly & the Family Stone and all that bubblegum stuff and my oldest brother’s favorite group, The Beatles to notice them.
    Or maybe they didn’t get much airtime play in the radio market in my area?
    I have heard other versions of this song. It’s a keeper.

    • Don’t let it bother you. They define the “one hit wonder” and this was it. I do like it better than the Shirelles’ cover. I suspect the Beatles version would have been better known had it been released as a single.

  4. I like all 3 versions. and I confess, I saw the blog title and began to hum the melody before reading the text. this version is the most edgy and “janis-like”.

    think “you keep me hanging on”, supremes and vanilla fudge versions. light and fluffy vs. heavy and gritty.

  5. I remember this. I probably didn’t hear it until I was your age, so a couple years after it came out. I know I liked it! I was the weird kid who liked everything from Led Zeppelin to the Beatles to Smith – you name it.
    Peace ❤

  6. I know the Carpenters did a version on one of their albums. That’s the version I remember most, because I had the album. But I do remember this one, too. I just wouldn’t have been able to tell you who sang it.

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