7 comments on “Large Print

  1. But large print books are bigger and heavier. I get tired of holding heavy books at my advanced age. However, my Kindle allows me to change font size and it does not get heavier doing so. Also, for most books, my Kindle will read to me — and yes, it stays the same size and weight. Oh, I almost forgot: I can load a whole big pile of heavy books into my Kindle, and it gets no bigger or heavier!!!

    Carl Hiaasen is a great author. I discovered him while I was living in South Florida. ☺

  2. The things we do for reading…. I have a Nook in addition to my real books, and I like the fact that I can change the font size if I feel the need.

  3. Kindle. The way to go! i know, I know, there’s nothing like the smell and feel of a real book. But there’s a lot to be said about being able to stop and start without trying to find a bookmark, making the font as large or small as you wish, and oh my stars! The PORTABILITY!!! Why lug around pounds of books when I can carry a few ounces?

    Peace ❤

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