10 comments on “Alarm System

  1. I’m sure that the new alarm system has added great peace of mind while you have been in Mexico. It sounds like a great system.

    We have heard all about and seen Dr. Spo’s new designer swim suit. Now, as one of your fans, I want to know if you also had your ass measured for one as well. Don’t hold out on us!

    • Uh…. No! My build is not well suited to swimsuits of the style, a fact that was reinforced by yesterday’s boat trip where several men with my body type were wearing them.

      I asked if the swimwear maker could make a Victorian bathing costume with matching parasol but they said no.

  2. Cox keeps sending me emails to get their security system. I keep responding that someone is ALWAYS home and that any burglar comes in, the house is protected under RI Castle Doctrine and Mossberg as in shotgun. I got a call from their regional rep and he loved my response.

    That said – if I’m going to do security I’ll build my own system that takes into account there’s a cat in residence, etc. I’ll make it so it calls my cell phone if something is amiss. That plus a remote video monitoring. I’d probably put a system together with a camera or three and OpenCV on a Linux box. Just look for net change in the picture. Best security system you can build. If I get fancy I’ll use laser scanners.

  3. Looking at the picture I am wondering why is it they live in a Palace larger than the one the Pope has?
    Yes technology gives piece of mind.

  4. I have toyed with the idea of a security system. Of course, if anyone broke into my house, they’d probably leave screaming considering that the place looks like a hoarder lives here, and short of the locked up firearms, anything they took would probably be a help!

    Peace ❤

  5. You made the right decision in changing your home security system provider. It was fortuitous that you had your false alarm to discover how inadequate your former security company service skills were. Here at Casa Tipton-Kelly, I moved in with a three year contract with a security system. Never once used it. Didn’t need to because after we moved in I discovered our location here on the east side of Route One provided us with a “Castle surrounded by a moat” protection. Anyone or any movement in the neighborhood was easily detectable. Unfortunately I was obligated to pay $30 a month for three years for a $13,000 installed alarm system. We’re wired here man, big time. One thing that always amazes me though, is how often companies miss out on the “service” portion of their business. They just don’t get it. Something so easy seems to be so hard for some of these companies…..customer service.

  6. My neighbors spend Jan-Mar in FL every year, and each year their alarm is set off by something or another. We now a key and the code to turn off/on their alarm. Our home is equipped with an alarm system but we have never felt the desire to activate it.

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