9 comments on “There’s No Place Like Home…

  1. Doing the same: laundry, mail and Corky is whipped from her week with cuzin, Bandit. She has some bad habits, ie getting on couch. Guess it’s time for a refresher of “who’s the boss.”

  2. Molly is glad to see that Harper is glad happy that her Dad’s are home. That is a wonderful picture of her.

  3. happy puppy!

    and what a collection of dirty spo shirts to be laundered. did you wear your new spo shirt? would you model it for us? I don’t see an undies pile there, hmmmmm…

    and when you hear “there’s work to be done!”, just go “la la la la, I can’t hear you!” 😉

  4. I love that look on Harper’s face. You are loved. I had no idea you could fix a Teva sandal like that. I’ve always just bought new ones. I’ve got a great pair of Eccos in much better shape than that. I wonder if I can have them refurbished, too. Silly you for sharing your winning notification. Now we all have the code number. I’ll bet someone else has already claimed the prize.

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