13 comments on “Dipping A Toe In The Stream of Consciousness

  1. When I started to read your entry on food and fitness I thought you had hired the Spo guy as a shadow writer. You should try real Canadian Maple Syrup on your oatmeal, it’s a natural sugar so zero calories, a well known Canadian factoid. I thought you looked quite svelte in those PV photos.

  2. good on ya for going to the gym; a little exercise never hurt anyone! and as we age, we need to move MORE, not less!

    I cannot eat plain oatmeal, but I make a honey oatmeal bread that’s FABU; very filling and hearty.

    • In PV? It wasn’t too bad. We went snorkeling on Monday and wore a wet suit but I was in the water a couple other days and it was ‘refreshing’ but not uncomfortably so

  3. Thanks for the info on Candy Crush Saga. I have been addicted to Tetris and Solitaire in the past, and certainly don’t need a time-waster in my life right now. I need every mental usable minute I can get my hands on.

  4. Years ago, before I carted the hideous thing away, I ‘Nordic-tracked’ every day for eighteen months — then one day just quit. Very mysterious. This very month, though, I celebrate the sixth anniversary of walking every single day. It could be very boring, but it’s not. Also, very mysterious.

    Walk! I eat some pretty terrible things, and I’m so very certain if I stopped walking, I’d have to give them up. What a twisted motivation to exercise!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I have great motivation to walk. Harper is always up for it.

      I am such a creature of habit. I think I live by momentum. I’ll go to the gym every day as long as I continue to go every day. If I take a couple days off however then the momentum becomes inertia.

  5. Good luck with the healthy goals. Five days at the gym sounds like a lot; you wouldn’t want to burn out. I’m not a huge fan of oatmeal, but don’t mind it. You’re so right that it goes down a lot more easily with the addition of other ingredients that taste better. I’ve been adding yogurt, honey, raisins, peaches, and muesli to mine. I hardly notice the oatmeal.

    • The works outs are pretty tame so far- mostly just some stretching, the basics of a different large muscle group each time and 30 min of cardio. The first short term goal is to move from elliptical back to treadmill.

  6. You’re on the right track with the oatmeal but that’s because you’re adding cinnamon . From Dr. OZ:
    Adding cinnamon extract (available in health food stores) to water is a fantastic secret for balancing blood sugar and losing weight. Recent studies show consuming as little as a half teaspoon of cinnamon a day can reduce blood sugar levels by up to 29%, while also lowering triglyceride and cholesterol levels to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. When it comes to lowering blood sugar, cinnamon extract works even better than whole cinnamon. Just add 2 droppers of cinnamon extract to a liter of water, being sure to drink 3 liters a day to help with digestion and constipation.

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