12 comments on “Throw Back Thursday – 1957

  1. Interesting – I have a similar shot of me, maybe a year or two older than you are in that pic, holding toy telephone. Little did my parents know that I’d become a major telecom and networking security type.

      • Yeah – and you have to remember I was born in 1964 – just after the Bell System’s Morris Trial of Electronic Switching. It used really cool stuff like a flying spot store, and a barrier grid store. In essence they didn’t have capacitive RAM like we have today.

        And now – phone switches are mostly computers with A/D of voice into digital stream. I’ve administered several at&t systems such as Dimension and Prologix too at separate private companies and government offices.

  2. With such flawless balance you missed your calling as a Flying Wallenda!
    Perhaps your parents have withheld the knowledge that you were stolen at birth all these years?
    Time for a DNA test….. 😉

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