13 comments on “Please Read Me A Story!

  1. Of all the people who answered my TMI questions this week, you were the only one to mention audio books. They never occurred to me but once I read your answer I had a Doh! moment.

    • Thanks for your comment. Apologies for not realizing these were TMI Thursday questions. Of course they are! :-). I’ve edited my post to acknowledge that. Thanks for the topic.

      I probably would not have thought of audiobooks had they not been mentioned on a podcast I heard early this morning.

  2. “My father thought reading was for sissies. I never saw him read anything; not even a newspaper.” – then your father was an ass. I want nothing to do with a man who doesn’t read.

    PS – I will miss your pretty face at the blogger meetup; quelle dommage. 😦

  3. Our reading habits are very similar. However, I’ve never partaken of an audio book. That’s not reading, that’s listening. I don’t think I would like listening to some sonorous actor basso pro funding lines. I do miss reading a good gay book though. Back when everyone was in the closet and gay was an illness, I read a lot of those books. I still have those paperbacks. Some lucky person will inherit them when I pass on to the great library in the sky. 🙂

    • If you don’t want them you should donate them to an LGBT Community Center. Or you could sell them Ebay…. but not until I have given my right of first refusal, of course. 🙂

    • I used to think the same about audiobooks, but it is actually quite a good way to experience a good book. I used to listen to books all the time when I was doing Data Entry and it made the time go quickly. I will agree that a lot depends on the person doing the voice work, but there are a lot of very good ones.

  4. Told the story once on my blog of disposing of a trove of ‘that sort’ of magazine from the belongings of a dear friend who passed away, in order to ‘spare’ his family from their discovery. When I think of the dollars that were apparently buried in the landfill What am I talking about! Right, I can see myself brokering a deal for ‘dirty’ magazines;-)

    • I don’t do audio books often but have a few. I have only recently started listening regularly to podcasts. My current favorite is Pop Culture Happy Hour from NPR but I also love Fresh Air, Grammar Girl, and, of course, the Savage Love Cast

  5. I see Sean caught this, too: You listen to audiobooks. I do, too, but usually only while on long drives.

    I am so thankful my parents read to me. I am 100%, absolutely, positively sure that is why I have the intelligence I have today.

    Peace ❤

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