10 comments on “House of Cards

  1. I loved the shows. I had seen first series on PBS and a Facebook friend told me she had seen the USA shows so I joined Netfilx and watched season one and then season two. Now I am also waiting for 11 weeks. Wonderful review.

    • Thanks for the comment and the compliment. I have really enjoyed the series. There were a couple times I spoke to the TV to say; “that did not just happen!” and once I called Harper’s Other Dad in and replayed something so he could see it. It’s nice when things can still surprise.

  2. I’ve completed Season 1 and am taking a break before I begin Season 2. I got tired of watching vile people do vile things to others. But I am hooked. Spacey gives a ferocious performance.

    During my break from Spacey, I clicked on the Richardson, BBC version which, no surprise, is magnificently performed and brilliantly scripted. But no “binge watching.” Just one episode a week.

  3. My son and I watched the first season an episode a week. Sometimes we even repeated the last episode we had seen before going on to the next episode. Each episode is so full and well scripted. Since I am not a member of Netflix, I bought season one on DVD and plan to do the same for season 2 when I see that Amazon has it. Greg just asked me if season two is on DVD yet? FU and Claire are vile, yet very charming. I think Kevin Spacey gives the performance of his life. I did also enjoy him in the “Garden of Midnight and Evil.”

    Thanks for your wonderful review without spoilers!

  4. I love the political intrigue involved in the show. Having worked on one gubernatorial campaign and preparing to possibly work on another I offer my services of data analyst. It’s the reason I keep a current version of the RI Voter Database on my computer. And the one I want to work on, is an openly gay candidate for governor. That would be a first and damn it I’d like to be part of it.

    • Good for you for contributing your skills to a cause you believe in. Hopefully the campaign will be free of the worst of the Underwoods’ shenanigans on House of Cards.

      • Oh – well the Democrats and Republicans are already raising a ton of money. This guy running is gay. His finance director contacted me – I told them I could help them out with a listserv and any data analysis. We’re going to talk tomorrow.

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