7 comments on “Reverse Rant

  1. Great Post. I loved this film. I the entire film was very meaningful and all of the actors were incredible. And so what if their remarks at the Oscars were not the best..It was the work at the film and that what counts. Thanks for the post. ( You know I am still having trouble typing after the stroke but I can read what you and Michael send out and I get your posts.)

    • I haven’t seen the movie yet though I hope to do so soon.

      Sorry you are still struggling with typing but thanks for reading and commenting when you can.

      Best wishes

    • And there is kind of a mini-backlash about it. A former coworker posted something on FB a couple of days ago all but canonizing McConaughey for his “humble and heartfelt” speech and condemning people who’ve criticized him saying they were doing so because he was a person of faith and refusing to knuckle under to radical liberals. Last time I looked he had a couple dozen “Likes” . I guess all that is necessary to become a sweetheart of the right is to be criticized by the left.

  2. I think sometimes we, as a community, need to take a seat. I think it’s enough that this story was told on film, and received so well, both in terms of box office and awards.
    I loved Jared Leto’s speech and McConaughey’s was his usual wack-a-doo, but I don’t feel the need to reprimand either for what they said or didn’t say.

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