9 comments on “Throw Back Thursday – 2002

  1. such a handsome pix of you! this post is too funny, from the lumberjacks to “it’s raining men”.

    AK is one of the 10 states I have not yet visited; another of those is MI, home state of HOD! (oh the shame) 😉

    • I think when you cross the bridge from Ontario into Michigan it says; “Welcome to Michigan – Birthplace of Harper’s Other Dad”….kind of sweet really.

  2. Nice photo of y’all.
    And thanks for putting that earworm in my head for today……

    “I’m gonna go out, I’m gonna let myself get, absolutely soaking weeeeet!….”

  3. You’ve left me wondering what on earth is a ‘Lumberjack Show’ – though I’ve got more than a few ideas what I’d LIKE it to be. I’m looking for assurance that it wasn’t merely a demonstration of tree-felling.

    • They are mostly one-on-one competitions; chopping woods with axes; saws and such. Climbing poles. A popular event is two men balancing on a floating log and trying to roll it in such a way as to cause the other person to fall off into the water while remaining on the log oneself.

      …and of course lots and lots of plaid.

  4. I haven’t been on one as of yet but the ones out of Galveston are as popular as Kmart blue light specials for Houstonians.
    You’re looking good here. It’s nice to have Someone to tie your bow tie.

  5. What a fantastic photo of you. Are cruise on AZAMARA always has a welcome for LGBT and events listed in the news letter. No we would not want to be on a gay only cruise, not our cup of tea.
    We have taken quite a few cruise and find that nowadays people who are sociable don’t mind if the other couple is not straight.

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