3 comments on “Twitter

  1. Some of the above. I quit Instagram when they said “we can use your pics without your permission or compensation for our own promotion and marketing”. I also despise LinkedIn since it seems to be nothing more than an email address harvester with fewer privacy protections than Facebook. I use Twitter to stay in touch with a few friends who migrated there as things like AIM and MSN Chat died out (god, I’ll bet I haven’t signed into either for two or more years). Twitter is also a good place to aggregate my LGBT news feeds. Facebook, for all its privacy issues, remains my #1 for finding, catching up with, and staying in touch with friends from high school and college, family, and even blogger friends who may be anonymous here, but on FB are IRL.

    Peace ❤

  2. I use both Twitter and Facebook, though not as fervently as when I first signed up for them. I’m a big use of Instagram and Foursquare, but the other two feel more like news aggregators, especially Twitter which doesn’t provide much interaction.

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