10 comments on “Bloggerpalooza – Consolation Prizes

    • Nope – Harper has never shown any interest in the ducks. Part of her PTSD from her former owners makes her very cautious about touching things or picking them up. She has a basket of toys she knows she can dig into whenever she wants. She has never picked up anything other than the items in the basket.

  1. I always enjoy reading your blog entries because they make me smile. By the way, the Arizona Deputy Sheriff badges comes from Toccoa, GA, Bill’s hometown. I found it sitting in a cavernous antique shop. I wasn’t looking for it but the badge cried out to me “I want to go home!” Who else but Casa de Harper? And the handcuffs, that’s when you apprehend the next daytime burglar at Casa de Harper. And of course the journals, who else. My only regret is that your other half did not want to take the two new pair of fabulous red cha cha heels, one sequined to death. My friend Larry has those now and I fear they will end up in the trash, a sad fate. But I am happy for the ducks.

  2. What a sweetheart that honey of yours is. Those gifts took a lot of thought and must have been a blast to discover. I’m not quite sure I understand that edible duck, however. Does it really taste like “HOLLOW MILK” and, if so, what does hollow milk taste like (and don’t tell me duck)?

  3. I’m glad “Quax” made it safely to AZ and the flock. I feared he may have gotten squashed in the luggage or that his human companion on the trip may have taken a liking to tailfeathers and genuine artificial white chocolate. 😉

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