12 comments on “Podcasts

  1. OMG! How do you find time to listen to all these podcasts?

    I, too, was late to the party. But when I drive, I like the radio. I don’t have to think or pay attention (though on long trips where steering is optional, I do like audio books). At home, it’s either quiet or I’m listening (more or less) to TV, but almost always in front of the computer, and I find I can’t do two language oriented tasks at once. If I’m reading, I cannot listen to a podcast. But I do like Savage’s, and a few others that usually pile up and then I delete them.

    Peace ❤

    • Time is always a trade off. I listen to them in the car instead of radio or music. I listen to them at the gym. I listen while cooking, cleaning, etc as an alternative to having the t.v. on. I listen to them while on the computer….like now for instance… 🙂

      It’s also important to be selective. Some are only weekly podcasts. Fresh Air posts several times each day but I only listen to the ones that interest me.

  2. If you are tolerant of socialist propaganda, you might try some CBC podcasts. (http://cbc.ca/podcasts) . I like Ideas (sometimes), DNTO, Quirks and Quarks, the Vinyl Cafe (which has a lot of repeats), and White Coat Black Art (which was really insightful the first couple of seasons, but is still interesting). Q with JIan Ghomeshi is filler, but has its moments. Wiretap is weird, but sometimes funny.

    Although they are awfully techno-utopian, I like the Seminars in Long Term Thinking podcast by the Long Now Foundation: http://longnow.org/seminars/podcast/ . I find them more enlightening than TED talks.

    The podcast I often find most helpful updates far too frequently for my taste: http://audiodharma.org

    I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

    • I recall replying to your comment but it seems to have disappeared. I have been having trouble with the WordPress app on my phone…

      Thanks for the great suggestion about CBC. I read they news there and listened to CBC radio when we lived in Michigan.

      As for the ‘socialist propaganda’.. I am pretty good at filtering the facts from the spin (otherwise I could never watch Fox News). It’s all a matter of perspective. In this area one is called a socialist unless your t-shirt says ‘Evangelicals for the NRA’ on one side and ‘Put the white back in the White House’ on the other.

  3. I like the art of manliness. It has some interesting philosophical and practical things about masculinity. As you know , the morning is not proper without garrison keillor and the writers almanac.

  4. I used to listen to Prairie Home Companion every Saturday night, but somehow lost the habit. Garrison’s monologues are a tribute to good writing, and then I enjoyed the music also. But how many Lutheran jello tuna casseroles can there be??? When I worked at the hospital, they happened to play Writer’s Almanac just at the time I was driving to work. Maybe, I need to subscribe to this podcast to get back in the habit!

    • The Writer’s Almanac is a good one. It arrives 5 days each week, it is short so it doesn’t intrude into the day much and usually has a couple of interesting factoids to get the mind thinking about something outside the logistics of every day life. Harper’s Other Dad listens to it every morning before he gets out of bed. This of course, means I do as well.

  5. I’m usually late to the show too for things technological. I’ve hear about podcasts but didn’t quite understand what they were. Now, after reading your blog, I do. However, right now I’m binge watching “The Good Housewife”. By the way, have you watched “TGW”? If not, it’s a must.:) very, very addictive and fun. The podcasts for me will have to wait.

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